True Leaders Have Excellent Interpersonal Skills

True leaders have well-honed “people” skills birthed from their ability to relate to, respect, and empathize with others. In addition, they have solid communication skills that allow them to inspire others to action. Combined, these skills allow true leaders develop and foster solid, long-term, working relationships within and outside of their organizations.

Key to their success is their own self-awareness and understanding of the impact their statements and their actions have on others. In addition, they’re good listeners who take into account others’ (yes, even subordinates’) concerns and perspectives. They build trust as a result of their reliability and authenticity—since what they say they will do, gets done.

They also bear in mind the needs and goals of others and work with them collaboratively to help ensure each others’ success. They display a sensitivity in working with people from diverse backgrounds and treat everyone with caring and courtesy. As a result, they’re able to build teams characterized by trust, involvement, and empowerment—leading to the development of a high-performance organization.

Finally, they use their skills in developing pragmatic, process-oriented solutions that cross traditional department boundaries and foster organization-wide consistency and cooperation.

When it comes to true leaders. . . it’s kind of easy to know them when you see them—and it’s a joy to work for and support them.

Allen Stalvey
Coach, Author & Producer of the Success Empowerment Program
VP of Operations, 
Dallas / Fort Worth Area


One Response to True Leaders Have Excellent Interpersonal Skills

  1. Jade says:

    I’m not sure who wrote this but I believe this sums things up nicely.
    The first step toward getting what we want is knowing what we want.
    Only experience can tell us the fine balance of courage and caution,
    of dreaming big and starting small,
    of living up to our abilities and leaving behind our mistakes.
    It teaches us that we can trust our hearts
    and change our minds
    and above all choose our attitudes.
    We are made of stardust,
    each one a little different light.
    How brightly we shine depends on
    the heat of our passion,
    the energy of our ambition
    and the intensity of our love for life.
    That’s when we decide that life is good
    and we make it is so for ourselves and for others.

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