Allen Stalvey

Prior to joining CoolHotNot as the Director of Operations, I served in senior leadership roles at IBM in business operations, corporate strategy and planning, global business process transformation, product management, software development, and product sales / support.

As a principle-centered leader I focus on enhancing organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and impact by developing and communicating a clear and inspiring vision, fostering innovative process improvements, establishing solid cross-organizational partnerships, and motivating and rewarding high-performance teams.

During my time at IBM I learned a great deal about leadership and gained first-hand experience with what works, and what doesn’t.

In this blog I will share with you some of my insights in the hope they may aid you, and in turn your organization and your clients, in gaining benefits that can only come from true leadership.”

If you dropped by this About page to learn more about me, feel free to visit my personal website.

Allen Stalvey
Director of Operations / Program Director
Dallas / Fort Worth Area


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